World Oceans Day – June 8

June 8 has been recognised by the United Nations as World Oceans Day (WOD). WOD reminds us to think about what the oceans means to us and what it has to offer and for us to learn about the rich marine creatures and habitats and how our daily actions affect them.

MNS Marine SIG participated in its first WOD in 2012 by collaborating with Scuba Schools International (SSI). While SSI would provide snorkel diver certification (how to snorkel safely) and ecological diver certification, MNS Marine would provide marine awareness sessions (e.g. classroom theory, discussions and practical exercises; exploring the beach at night during low tide; and conduct the clean coast index study initiated by the Maritime Institute of Malaysia.)

The WOD programme changes according to Marine SIG’s various resources and needs. In 2013, the Marine SIG added Project AWARE’s Dive Against Debris – an underwater cleanup study but in 2016, the scuba diving and underwater cleanup were removed and replaced with a shark awareness certification to streamline it with the goals of the My Fin My Life campaign to break the habit of eating shark’s fin soup.

Keep an eye out for this 4 to 5-day WOD event which is usually scheduled for the first weekend in June to coincide with the Malaysian school holidays.


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