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Coral Reefs
  • Coral Reef Alliance – This member-supported, non-profit organisation is based in San Francisco and is dedicated to keeping coral reefs alive around the world.
  • International Coral Reef Initiative – The ICRI is a partnership among nations and organisations seeking to implement Chapter 17 of Agenda 21 and other international Conventions and agreements for the benefit of coral reefs and related ecosystems. The Initiative was established in order to stop and reverse the global degradation of coral reefs and related ecosystems.
  • ReefBase – This online information system on coral reefs was designed to provide relevant data and information to reef managers and scientists, as well as the general public. Its objective is to facilitate better understanding of the inter-dependencies between humans and coral reefs, in order to benefit management and conservation efforts of these important resources.
  • Reef Check Malaysia – Reef Check was established in the USA in 1996 to raise awareness on the importance of, and threats to, coral reefs. The local chapter, Reef Check Malaysia (RCM), was registered as a non-profit organisation in 2007 to engage with the local community as well as protect, restore and revive coral reefs in Malaysia.
  • Reef Education Network – This interactive website will help you unlock some of the mysteries of the coral reef ecosystem. Great for kids and adults. It was originally produced by the University of Sydney and Tech Talk Australia.
Marine Parks
  • Marine Park Malaysia – Malaysia’s 42 islands in and around Peninsular Malaysia and Labuan are gazetted as Marine Parks.
  • Sabah Parks – Describes the protected areas in Sabah such as Turtle Islands Park, Tunku Abdul Rahman Park and Pulau Tiga Park.


Marine Life
  • Be a Shark Hero – Pledge to be a Shark Hero for the My Fin My Life campaign to end the consumption and trade of Shark Fin products in Malaysia.
  • IOSEA Marine Turtle MoU Secretariat – The Indian Ocean and South-East Asian (IOSEA) Marine Turtle MoU is an intergovernmental agreement that aims to protect, conserve, replenish and recover marine turtles and their habitats of the Indian Ocean and South-East Asian region.

  • IUCN SSC Shark Specialist Group (SSG) – Established by the IUCN Species Survival Commission in 1991, its 128 members from 35 countries distributed among 12 regional sub-groups provide leadership for the conservation of threatened populations and species of all chondrichthyan fishes.
  • Saving Sharks Asia – Chronicling the thoughts and actions of an Ex-Meat/Shark fin’s Eater. Also includes posts on the growing campaign against Shark fin’s Soup and shark finning in general.
  • Shark Research Institute – This multi-disciplinary non-profit scientific research organisation was created to sponsor and conduct research on sharks and promote the conservation of sharks. SRI works with the scientific community, individuals and organisations concerned about the health of our marine ecosystem, and marine resource users.
  • Shark Trust – Promotes the study, management and conservation of sharks, skates and rays. As the UK member of the European Elasmobranch Association, it collaborates with other national member bodies to achieve their aims in British, European and international waters.
Sustainable Seafood
  • Save our Seafood (S.O.S.) Campaign – This campaign was launched by WWF-Malaysia and Malaysian Nature Society in 2010 to raise awareness on depletion of fish supply, to promote sustainable seafood choices, and to influence market transformation towards sustainable seafood sourcing.

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