Download My Fin My Life resources

By SL Wong

This year, we are supporting ‘My Fin My Life’. Its aim is to reverse the shark decline by getting businesses, governments and Malaysians to remove shark’s fin soup from menus. The campaign runs from January – December 2016.

Campaign objectives:

  1. To sensitise 20,000 restaurants to phase-out shark-fin soup from menus.
  2. To engage 1,000,000 Malaysians to support the call for ‘no shark-fin soup’.
  3. To commit 500 businesses to remove shark-fin soup from menu or dining.

What can YOU do?

For our forefathers, serving shark’s fin soup was to show off one’s wealth and generosity. Times have changed. Shouldn’t we evolve with the times and more importantly, with the knowledge? So:

  • Refuse the next bowl of shark’s fin soup offered to you and explain to your friends and family why you decided to do so. Make a pledge (
  • Commit your organisation to NOT serving shark’s fin soup at functions and get them to make a pledge (
  • Getting married or celebrating a big birthday? Serve an alternative to shark’s fin soup and place table-cards to discretely explain why you are not serving shark’s fin ( Spread the word online. #myfinmylife on Twitter and Facebook and download campaign materials like campaign logos, information kits, articles, etc. below:

Information handout:

Show your support by uploading these images as your profile picture in Facebook!

Campaign banner:NEWB_0003 WWF SharknSave Our Seafood Backdrop FA2







Comparative guide to mangroves

Reproduced here with the kind permission of the author Dr JWH Yong from National Institute of Education, Singapore.

Mangrove ID guide1_DrJohnYong

Mangrove ID guide2_DrJohnYong

Download Fins – Best on Sharks Table Cards

About the card designer

The “join us in saying no to shark’s fin soup” thank you cards were designed by volunteer Ms Chin Pik Wun in April 2007. These simple but elegant cards politely explain why you are choosing to not serve shark’s fin soup at your wedding.

In March 2016, Ms Chin updated the design of the table cards. Shark’s fin soup is not exclusive to Chinese wedding banquets. Big celebration dinners for birthdays, anniversaries, and corporate dinners may also feature the shark fin.

We have two versions which you can download below:

Save the image below for instructions.

Fins -Best on Sharks Table Card How To

Do-it-yourself and print it out on your home printer. Download Version 1

Offset Printing
Send this to a professional printer for professional looking table-cards. Download Version 2