World Oceans Day 2018

MNS Marine is bringing the ocean to KL for a World Oceans Day weekend this August! Held on the 11 & 12 August 2018, at the Boulevard, Publika Shopping Gallery, KL, there will be workshops, exhibits, games, selfies to take and stuff to buy (see below for list).

Co-organising the event are Lions Club/Leos Club, making it bigger than ever!

Event objectives:
* Raise awareness about the issues affecting the ocean’s health and the importance of coral reefs, seagrass and sharks. Get everyone to appreciate the beauty of the ocean and how we are linked to it.
* Encourage one and all to get involved in the prevention of marine litter by educating them and providing alternative solutions. A special focus is plastic pollution.

MNS Marine will also be walking the talk by banning the use of plastic bags and minimising plastic packaging for food & drinks and objects for sale.

The event is also listed on the global World Oceans Day website, is hooked up to Marine Parks’ International Year of the Reef 2018 campaign and supports the Selangor State Government’s #BebasPlastik and Cintai Pantai Selangor beach cleanup initiatives.

Do check back regularly for updates and also on Facebook and Instagram for more information!

If you are interested in participating in WOD 2018 – whether to book a booth, hold a workshop or sell marine-friendly products – contact Whei Li at To volunteer, please register here (we will feed you and give you a limited edition tshirt!)


Terms & Conditions:
1. Please pre-register.
2. For pre-registration only, you get a FREE gift! Collect your free gift at the workshop/talk.
3. Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the start time to register and get your free gift.
4. Workshops/talks that require a minimum number of participants might be cancelled if that minimum is not met. You will be informed.
5. We reserve the right to change the start and finish times of the workshop/talk. You will be informed.




Bring home your own shark clay sculpture while learning the anatomy of sharks and get a FREE glitter shark tattoo.

For ages: 6 – 12. Minimum no of participants: 12
Workshop fee: RM5








From behaviour and anatomy to roles and threats, work through common fears and come to understand and love this lord of the sea.

For ages: 13 +. Minimum no of participants: 10
FREE workshop








Learn how to make beeswax wraps, fabric-based reusable alternatives to single-use plastics that are safe enough to wrap food.

Workshop fee: RM30








Join Yap Jin Yie in making three scrubs (sugar, Himalayan and oat scrubs) from natural ingredients that are good for your skin and good for the environment.

Workshop fee: RM 30 ||  Minimum no of participants: 17








Are turtles important in our ecosystem?  Find out from the cheerful Dr. Chen Pelf Nyok, a freshwater turtle researcher and conservationist. Dr Chen is one of the founders of the Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia, dedicated to freshwater turtle conservation in Malaysia. Bring a question and a friend!









Come listen to Eric Goh, whose underwater images have graced numerous international magazines and major tourism campaigns. It also features prominently on graphic walls in city walkways and national billboards.

Minimum number of participants: 6 || Age limit: 15







Seagrass meadows are beautiful and important yet almost unknown. Who better to learn about them from, than the passionate Jillian Ooi who knows them intimately – including the mermaids that live in them (I kid you not)!



Indoor Talk – ‘Small Lives of the Big Oceans’ by Tamil Selvam

MNS Selangor Branch Marine Indoor Talk – ‘Small Lives of the Big Oceans’ by Tamil Selvam

Date: 15 November 2016

Time: 8pm – 9pm

Venue : MNS HQ auditorium, JKR 64, Jalan Kelantan, Bukit Persekutuan, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.


This will be a sharing session with reviews of images captured by Tamil during his dives at various sites in indonesia. His talk will highlight the underwater natural environment and the many small lives of the ocean and the importance of their exsistence to sustain the ocean. Tamil will also be sharing his challenges in diving abroad and tips on diving and underwater photography.

Tamil Selvam has been a leisure diver since 2006, and holds a rescue diver certification. He has dived in many region which includes Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philipines, Cambodia, Vietnam and Tanzania. Sharing knowledge about underwater photography and spotting macro critters and organizing dive trips has become his passion.

This talk is open to public. All are welcome to attend and will hopefully benefit from the session. For those interested in diving but have no clue on how and where to start, come join in and clear your doubts on diving.

Light refreshments will be served.

‘Shark Girl’ inspired many at MNS-GSC event

By H.Y. Leong
Photos by Anba, Ranjith, Eugene Chua and Jessica Ng

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The film Shark Girl was well received by members of the public who attended a free screening at GSC NU Sentral on 10th of September 2016.

Presented by Malaysian Nature Society Selangor Branch Marine Group and hosted by Golden Screen Cinemas, the film was screened in conjunction with the My Fin My Life Campaign.

The campaign aimed to address the decline of shark populations in Malaysia by getting businesses, the Malaysian government and the public to pledge to remove shark’s fin soup from menus.

One-third of shark species are close to extinction because of commercial fisheries.

“Malaysia is the world’s third-largest shark’s fin importer in volume, according to a 2015 FAO report,” said MNS Selangor Branch Marine Group Coordinator Wong Wee Liem. “Most of that is consumed locally. But times have changed. Shouldn’t we evolve with the times and more importantly, the knowledge?”

The film depicted the story of 19-year-old Madison Stewart, an Australian conservationist and filmmaker. Growing up on the Great Barrier Reef, Madison realised the creature she loves most was disappearing fast. Determined to show the world the importance of these mighty creatures she’s never feared, Madison investigated the Australian shark fisheries and connected with a global network of conservationists to safeguard the animals she loves.

The one-hour film was watched by 220 people including secondary school students and 212 pledges to not consume shark fin’s soup and not buy shark products were collected at the event.

MNS Vice President Professor Dr Ahmad Ismail gave a short speech about conservation while Wong talked about marine programmes that people could participate in.

Many of the cinema-goers found the film inspiring.

After the screening, a personal message from the film’s Australian producers Gisela Kaufmann and Carsten Orlt, was read out to the audience:

“We’re passionate about nature and the environment and have always believed it is the young generation that can change our future for the better – and we’ve always believed that every single person can make a difference. That’s exactly what Madison stands for. She believes so strongly in saving our sharks and oceans and her passion continues to inspire many people around her. Following the film’s release in Australia, several supermarkets voluntarily stopped selling shark meat, others are now considering it. This is a major change in attitude. And it’s not only legislation that can stop destructive practises like shark finning, it’s each and everyone of us who can contribute – starting to talk, reflect, rethink and act. Once you understand what’s happening, it’s easy to do the right thing.”

The film producers gave MNS Selangor Branch Marine Group the right to screen it for one-time in Malaysia. The film won many awards including the PANDA Award for the best Environment & Conservation film at Wildscreen Film Festival 2014.

“Thus, through this engagement with Golden Screen Cinemas, we hope that this campaign will educate and engage more people to be concerned about shark population decline and pledge to end the consumption and trade of shark fin products in Malaysia,” added Wong.

Note: To buy limited edition shark badges, click here. 

Limited edition shark badges on sale

In conjunction with the screening of the award-winning documentary Shark Girl on 10th September 2016 at GSC NU Sentral as part of the #myfinmylife campaign to help reduce the decline in shark population, the MNS Selangor Branch Marine Group is releasing a limited edition shark badge for sale.

The badge which sports a shark holding up a sign that reads “Don’t Eat Me!” was illustrated by 18-year-old Muhamad Sofi bin Juhari from Kelab Alami Mukim Tanjung Kupang (@KelabAlamiMukimTgKupang).

Kelab Alami members submitted six designs to the MNS Shark Girl organising committee comprising Marine Group members and MNS Partnerships and Marketing which voted on the winning design.

Kelab Alami is a local club run by kids of Tanjung Kupang district, Johor. It holds workshops & publishes newsletters about Johor’s marine heritage.

Proceeds from the sale of the 90 shark badges will benefit Kelab Alami and MNS Marine Group for its marine awareness activities.

If you wish to order the shark badges (Code: SB-DEM) at RM5/piece, please e-mail us.

The Malaysian premiere ofShark Girl was screened with the assistance of Golden Screen Cinemas, the MNS Selangor Branch Marine Group and Kaufmann Productions Pty Ltd.



Shark Girl: Fully booked!

By Mnsmarine

Due to overwhelming support from the public, we are fully booked for the screening of Shark Girl at GSC NU Sentral on September 10th, 2016 as part of the My Fin My Life Campaign to reduce the decline in shark population.

Golden Screen Cinemas and Malaysian Nature Society’s promotional efforts on their individual social media pages, plus an appearance on the Australian High Commission in Malaysia’s Facebook page, and by word-of-mouth and multiple sharing tools with friends and supporters, all helped to spread the word.

Golden Screen Cinemas is sponsoring the venue. Its largest cinema hall at NU Sentral can accommodate 314 guests.




Watch award-winning Shark Girl film on the big screen

Madison Stewart filming tiger shark

Madison Stewart filming tiger shark – Ernst Stewart

When 19-year-old Madison Stewart speaks about her family, she speaks of sharks.

This young Australian conservationist changed her life to protect sharks in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Park, where 80,000 sharks are caught every year. And reef sharks are disappearing at an alarming rate, with devastating impact on the entire marine system. Determined to show the world the importance of these mighty creatures she’s never feared, Madison sets out to investigate the Australian shark fisheries and connects with a global network of conservationists to safeguard the animals she loves.

This film produced by Kaufmann Productions has won many awards including clinching the PANDA Award for the best Environment & Conservation film at Wildscreen Film Festival 2014 – that’s like the Oscars of wildlife films!

In conjunction with the My Fin My Life campaign, the Malaysian Nature Society Selangor Branch Marine Group, Golden Screen Cinemas and Australian film producers Gisela Kaufmann and Carlsten Orit are bringing Madison Stewart’s story to the big screen at Hall 11, NU Sentral on 10th September 2016.

The #myfinmylife campaign runs until December 2016 under several non-governmental organisations, including MNS Selangor Branch Marine Group. The campaign aims to reverse the shark decline by getting businesses, governments and individuals to remove shark’s fin soup from menus.

This Malaysian premiere rated Umum (General audiences) will only screen for one time only and is free admission. The event from 9-11am is open to members of the public including students and youths 12-years-old and above.

MNS will be using a paperless cinema hall entry system. There are no tickets to print and bring along and no QR codes to scan or show at the door. Seating availability is limited so please reserve your seats now at Walk-ins are also welcomed on a first come first serve basis. Please check-in at the MNS area in the cinema foyer for your hand/wrist entry stamp.

Programme Itinerary:

9.00 am MNS check-in area & exhibition opens to the public and media
9.10 am Arrival of special guests
9.35 am Audience seated
9.40 am MNS welcome address and special guests say a few words; MNS check-in area closes
9.50 am Appreciation presentation
10.00 am Shark Girl screening
11.00 am Film ends, thank you, till we meet again.

For more information, please contact us here.


Download My Fin My Life resources

By SL Wong

This year, we are supporting ‘My Fin My Life’. Its aim is to reverse the shark decline by getting businesses, governments and Malaysians to remove shark’s fin soup from menus. The campaign runs from January – December 2016.

Campaign objectives:

  1. To sensitise 20,000 restaurants to phase-out shark-fin soup from menus.
  2. To engage 1,000,000 Malaysians to support the call for ‘no shark-fin soup’.
  3. To commit 500 businesses to remove shark-fin soup from menu or dining.

What can YOU do?

For our forefathers, serving shark’s fin soup was to show off one’s wealth and generosity. Times have changed. Shouldn’t we evolve with the times and more importantly, with the knowledge? So:

  • Refuse the next bowl of shark’s fin soup offered to you and explain to your friends and family why you decided to do so. Make a pledge (
  • Commit your organisation to NOT serving shark’s fin soup at functions and get them to make a pledge (
  • Getting married or celebrating a big birthday? Serve an alternative to shark’s fin soup and place table-cards to discretely explain why you are not serving shark’s fin ( Spread the word online. #myfinmylife on Twitter and Facebook and download campaign materials like campaign logos, information kits, articles, etc. below:

Information handout:

Show your support by uploading these images as your profile picture in Facebook!

Campaign banner:NEWB_0003 WWF SharknSave Our Seafood Backdrop FA2