Successful shark awareness programme

What a fantastic weekend! The MNS-SSI Shark Awareness Programme was a resounding success. Couldn’t have asked for a more lovely bunch of people who were not only fun but arguably the most conservation-conscious group we’ve had since we started organising the marine awareness programme in 2003!

From multiple sightings of juvenile and adult black tip reef sharks and overcoming fear of water to Charlie’s Angels and cleaning up Tenggol‘s beach – everyone worked well together, helped each other out and kept spirits high throughout the trip.

GOOD JOB everyone!

Ivy kindly created a trip photo album, so please share your pix here:…

Trip reports will be coming up soon.

Thanks for a wonderful time!
Wee Liem, Adeline, Jessica & Siew Lyn


MNS and SSI facilitators – Valle Sinniah