Report and photos by SL Wong


In conjunction with World Oceans Day (WOD) 2016, the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) Marine Group (Selangor Branch), in partnership with the Scuba Schools International (SSI) conducted a beach clean-up which incorporated the methodology introduced in MIMA’s earlier study on the Application of the Clean Coast Index (CCI) for Cleanliness Assessment of Coastal Areas in Malaysia.

The beach clean-up was part of the group’s 4-day shark awareness programme and took place at Tenggol Island on the Marine Park Island in Terengganu on 5th June.



Using a slightly modified version of MIMA’s CCI, 32 participants aged 11 to 75, cleaned up a 440m-stretch of the island’s western beach which hosts its three resorts. More rubbish, comprising mainly plastic pieces, rope (including nylon rope) and cigarette butts, was seen at the southern rather than at the northern end of the island. The data is being collated for compilation into MIMA’s baseline-study database on the subject.


MIMA seeks to encourage the continuous use of the CCI methodology in measuring coastal cleanliness in Malaysia. It is simple enough to be widely applied and emulated as a long-term measure for assessment, as well as towards formulating management strategies in addressing coastal litter management.

Source: MIMA, 5th June 2016