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By SL Wong and BFM Radio
Photos by BFM Radio

Why is the music from ‘Jaws’ so scary? Are shark sanctuaries effective? What’s happening in Tenggol June 3-6? Listen to the podcast of BFM Radio 89.9FM when the Marine Group and SSI chatted to ‘Earth Matters’ host Lee Chwi Lynn about the upcoming Shark Awareness Programme and more.

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It’s estimated that at least 100 million sharks are killed every year for their fins. Malaysia has been identified as among the world’s largest shark’s fin consumers and this demand has led to an alarming decline of shark numbers, which in turn affects the wider ecosystem, including all of us. We speak to Wong Siew Lyn and Wong Wee Liem, from the MNS Marine Group and Wong Si Peng, a scuba instructor, who are all part of a Shark Awareness Program happening in June, about the critical need to keep sharks in our waters.