MNS-SSI shark awareness programme

By SL Wong

Learn all about sharks and learn to be with sharks in a unique marine awareness programme on Pulau Tenggol, Terengganu.The Marine Group and SSI (Scuba Schools International) is organising a special programme from 3-6 June for World Oceans Day in conjunction with ‪#‎myfinmylife‬.

And SSI is generously sponsoring 30 shark specialty certificates and 30 snorkeling certificates to the tune of RM9,600!

Over the long weekend, you will learn in a fun and informative way about the role and importance of sharks within the marine ecosystem; shark and shark-finning trade and consumption; and appreciating sharks and their ecosystem through snorkelling skills training and certification.


Specialty certification ID

At the end of the programme, you should have
• sound knowledge of sharks in the ecosystem (SSI Shark Specialty Certification)
• snorkeling skills for marine-friendly snorkeling (SSI Snorkeling Certification)
• an interest in championing shark and marine conservation.

(The SSI Snorkeling Certification and SSI Shark Specialty Certification are generously sponsored by SSI)

Secure your spot by 10 April 2016. Go to Files to download the Programme Brief (MNS_SSI_SharkAwarenessProg_About_160302) and the Registration Form (MNS_SSI_SharkAwarenessProg_Registration_160302).

For more information, e-mail Adeline <> and also check out: #myfinmylife,, and