Tioman airport extension off

For many years, MNS has been engaged in an on and off campaign to conserve Tioman’s rich biodiversity from being threatened by over-development. Projects such as the marina in Kg. Tekek was objected to by MNS and other enviromentalists but we lost and it was built. The ‘house reef’ at Tekek is still there today, but it is just a shadow of its former ecological glory.

On March 8th 2009, the Ministry of Transport announced that the Tioman Airport Extension project has been cancelled, bringing (hopefully) to an end, a project that would have brought negative environmental impacts to Tioman. It is good news to us all and we thank all members, fellow environmentalists and nature lovers who have given their unflagging support on this issue over the years.

MNS will continue to keep its eye on Tioman and still push for the island to be managed sustainably and this approach must be taken for all marine park islands in Malaysia.

We hope that all members will continue to assist the secretariat in being our eyes and ears and inform us of activities on these islands that are contrary to the spirit of conservation of our marine eco systems and heritage.

The fight is not over, we need to still do more but, for now, thank you for your continued support and congrats to us all. How you can help further the cause is by rallying more members into MNS so that our conservation voice gets louder and more effective – please sign up at http://www.mns.org.my.