A clay workshop with a difference

On 29 March 2009, the Marine SIG embarks on our first-ever marine-themed I Clay Workshop for kids aged 5 to 12 years! Besides that, we will also be having a marine-themed Cupcake Decoration Contest on the same day.

Now, many of you will be wondering – what’s ‘I Clay’? Well, it’s a special type of polymer clay imported from Korea. It’s suitable for children, because of its qualities – only the softest and lightest clay is used, and it is safe, non-toxic, has superior elasticity and superior adhesiveness, clean handling and is child-friendly. It can be air-dried, has no cracks after drying and comes in the brightest of colours.

I Clay classes are taught according to a syllabus in the I Clay Education Programme and conducted by certified I Clay teachers. The syllabus is currently endorsed by the Institute of Clay Art (Korea), as well as the PJ College of Art and Design. I Clay classes and workshops are suitable for children, students, art teachers, kindergarten teachers, clay and handicraft enthusiasts, and parents.

Clay modelling is beneficial for children, because it builds confidence, stimulates creativity and imagination, improves concentration and patience, plus helps them develop critical thinking skills. In addition, working with clay gives children the opportunity to explore translating things from 2D drawings to 3D objects, and in the process, helps them to understand proportions, amounts and perception of colours better. Children can also be encouraged to develop logical and rational thoughts, as well as develop both the left brain and right brain.

Certified I Clay teacher, Amy Chai, has graciously agreed to take time out from her busy schedule of teaching autistic children and studies to conduct this workshop, so don’t miss this great opportunity for some fun. Last but not least, we are also very grateful to I Clay Art Creations, a company based in Subang Jaya, for sponsoring this workshop. For more information about the company and their I Clay products, visit http://www.iclay.kids.net.my.

For more information about this workshop, and to register, please contact Khor Hui Min (017-881 7714). Details can be found in the Calendar of Activities section. Places are limited, so book your spot soon!

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