Dive in to Earth Day 2008: Tekek children’s programme

By Khor Hui Min

The Marine SIG has a fondness for the children of the Kelab Pencinta Alam (KPA) of Sekolah Kebangsaan Tekek, for which we try to conduct activities annually. I conducted the half-day children’s programme on 19 April, a last-minute switch requested by the school’s teacher advisor.


But because the speaker was delayed by her transport, we started the programme with the T-shirt design competition. The teachers helped with the judging. The winners were delighted when they received chocolates as prizes. The winning design would be printed on new Marine SIG children’s T-shirts.

After the tea break, we all set out to Tekek beach, where the children were divided into groups, with a few black garbage bags each. In half an hour, they collected a large amount of rubbish, while the tourists sunning themselves in front of their small hotels and resorts looked on. Teacher Khairul persuaded me to give a speech, which ended the successful school children programme.