Workshop: Coral Identification

Date: January 5 (Sat)
Time: 9am-noon
Location: Auditorium, MNS HQ, Jalan Kelantan
Facilitator: Affendi Yang Amri

About this workshop
Interested to know more about one of the wonders of our oceans? Come and find out about corals. Affendi Yang Amri, one of our esteemed marine biologists, will share his knowledge and experience in the methods of identifying corals.

Participants will be exposed to the basic ecology and taxonomy of hard corals a.k.a. Scleractinian corals. The method to differentiate between a hard coral, soft coral and sea anemone would also be included. A detailed explanation will be given on the aspects to look for in determining a hard coral species up to the taxonomic family level while using the CORAL ID software and various coral specimens. At the end of the workshop, it is hoped that participants would be able to recognise a hard coral and identify it considerably well.

This workshop is suitable for a wide range of people, including divers, snorkellers, students, nature enthusiasts and researchers.

About the facilitator
Affendi Yang Amri started out as a mangrove man but chose to concentrate on corals thereafter and is in the midst of finishing his PhD in thermal biology of scleractinian coral (hard corals). The course of his work took him to coral reefs all over Asia – from pristine undiscovered areas in Australia back to the balmy waters of Malaysia and Indonesia and to as far north as Japan. One of his most memorable dives in the frigid waters of Okinawa was a descent into surprisingly warm temperatures as a result of seeping fresh lava that still glowed red and bubbled with sulphur.

Affendi’s name is often mentioned in relation to creatures far removed from coral reefs. He was appointed Project Leader for the University of Malaya Maritime Research Centre ’s (UM Maritime’s) dugong project. Again studying a Malaysian animal that nobody knows much about, Affendi led a pioneering team of scientists and volunteers to the islands of Sibu-Tinggi to find out more about this mystical creature and its ecosystem.

Register now!
As places are limited, please call Khatijah at 013-7708204 to book your place now. This workshop is free of charge, but donations are welcome.

Do not miss this opportunity to know more about the corals you see in the ocean!

Special addition to the programme: A brief slide show about seahorse surveys will be presented at the end of the workshop.