Talk: Of lawns, cows and horses

Date: November 14 (Wed)
Time: 8pm
Location: Auditorium, MNS HQ
Speaker: Jillian Ooi

Want to know more about seagrass ‘lawns’, home of the beautiful sea cows and seahorses? Come and join Jillian Ooi as she shares her research and passion for seagrasses.

Jillian Ooi lectures at the Department of Geography at the University of Malaya. Her academic research interest is mainly in Marine Biogeography. She actively participates in the research activities of the University of Malaya Maritime Research Centre, which includes surveys of seagrass meadows.

Seagrasses form a beautiful and vibrant ecosystem that has yet to be properly explored by our marine scientists. While corals are loved best for the beauty they bring to underwater landscapes and mangroves for the protection and revenue they give to coastal communities, seagrasses are able to match these two better-known ecosystems. These verdant underwater meadows are both breathtaking and multifunctional.

Jillian will offer you some food for thought on why and how this marine flora should be protected, and how they compare to other ecosystems in economic terms. Don’t miss this chance to know more about this relatively unknown ecosystem. For enquiries, please contact Khatijah (mobile: +6013-7708204 or e-mail: