MIDE 2007

By Khatijah Abdullah

The Malaysian International Dive Expo (MIDE) was held at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) from 6-8 July with the main aim of promoting world-class diving destinations in Malaysia.

This year’s expo was organised on a bigger scale with more exhibitors, talks and activities involving the whole family, including kids. The Marine Group of MNS was also invited to give talks. MNS council member T.C. Lim gave a talk about MNS entitled “What we do and how you can get involved.” The talk turned into an interesting discussion about environmental conservation in Malaysia.

On the final day, underwater photographer K.L. Kwang talked about sharks, their conservation and about Marine Group’s Fins – Best on Sharks campaign. Lee Siew Yeen, a Marine Group member who was also with the Malaysian Sports Diving Association
(MSDA), helped to sell our Fins – Best on Sharks T-shirts to local celebrity Fauziah Latiff, an avid diver who attended the expo. It was an excellent boost to our campaign when she wore the T-shirt for her Finsonline magazine photo shoot.

Overall, the event promoted interest in diving, but more publicity should be given to the seminars, talks and documentary screenings which had a dismal turnout.