Talk: Diving the WANLI wreck

Date: June 19 (Tues) 8pm,
Venue: MNS HQ, Kuala Lumpur
Speaker: Ben Rongen

Shipwrecks have littered our coastline for centuries and the WANLI is no different. A relic of the 17th Century, this vessel held countless Ming treasures. Join Ben Rongen as he relates his story onboard the Enterprise II, the shipwreck recovery boat and through his video footage, be part of the crew as they dive into the past. A former adolescent health specialist, Ben Rongen digressed into underwater film-making, wreck diving and now designs and sells jewellery. Stop by at this talk to get a first hand look at life on a 17th Century shipwreck lying in state in our waters.

All are welcome. Attendance is free but donations are always appreciated!