Here’s how you can contribute

By Kerry Stansfield

We seek to promote awareness about the plight of the shark. We hope to reduce some of the human impact that is leading to the demise of many species of shark.

What YOU can do to contribute

Consumers of shark’s fin soup cannot know for sure whether by buying shark’s fin they are contributing to the extinction of shark species or whether the shark fin they are eating was taken from the shark while it was still alive. Thus we urge you to refrain from the consumption of shark’s fin and help us inform others:

1. Refuse the next bowl of shark’s fin soup offered to you and explain to your friends and family why you have decided to do so.

2. Commit your organization to NOT serving shark’s fin soup at company functions and events and send us your company’s pledge to NOT serve shark’s fin soup.

3. Give your colleagues, friends and family the opportunity to learn about sharks and the reality behind shark’s fin soup – ask us to present a talk on sharks and the reality behind shark’s fin soup at your workplace, community or club.

4. Get in touch with stories of how you chose to not serve shark’s fin soup at your wedding and how you overcame any repercussions of your decision.

5. Let us know how you convinced your company to stop serving shark’s fin soup at company dinners.

6. Send us recipes for alternatives to shark’s fin soup.

7. Sponsor the printing of wedding cards, shark merchandise such as pendants and T-shirts or publicity material to contribute to our goal of increasing awareness about the
shark and its plight.

To contribute, please contact Kerry at