Fins – Best on Sharks

By Serina Rahman

The MNS Marine Group is set to launch Fins – Best on Sharks

The main thrust of this campaign is to reach out to Malaysian businesses, hotels (and beyond) to ask them to pledge that they will not serve shark’s fin soup at their events and dinners. We will not be asking them for more than a testimonial. They will not have to spend any money; they’ll just have to declare what they will NOT spend it on.

On the side, we will of course run little events and awareness campaigns to help people to understand the truth about sharks and their fins. We now appeal to you to come to us for any of the following:

  • If you can get a testimonial out of your company to say that they will not serve shark’s fin soup
  • If you know of a friend that you can follow-up with to get a testimonial from his/ her company
  • If you have personally convinced your company to stop serving shark’s fin soup
  • If you didn’t serve shark’s fin soup at your wedding and took pains to explain why to the guests
  • If you know of any restaurant or hotel that makes it a policy to NOT serve shark’s fin soup
  • If you know of any alternative recipes that can be used in place of shark’s fin in soup (ie for weddings etc)

Do get in touch with Serina at or call 017-6729367 if you can contribute as listed above or if you would like to get involved in any other way. Thank you!

Please note that this is a small project initiated by the Marine Group, Selangor Branch.