Snorkelling guide workshop

By S.L. Wong and H.Y. Leong

As part of Tioman Island Fest 2006 (TIF06), an environment friendly snorkelling workshop was organised for Tioman’s local guides (8 & 9 April 2006) to meet the following objectives of increasing knowledge and/or skills in:

  1. a) safe and marine-friendly snorkelling techniques;
    b) safe and marine-friendly snorkelling guide techniques;
    c) knowledge about the common marine flora and fauna of Tioman Island; and
    d) the do’s and don’ts of Marine Parks

About the workshop

The workshop was based on a programme developed by the MNS Marine Group in 2001 for members, and which had successfully trained about 100 members from 2003-2005.

TIF06 organisers had recruited participation from the different villages on Tioman about a month prior to the event, through the ketua kampung and local guides.

There were main modules, covering theory and practical skills. The approach was to use facilitation, discussion, video, and exercises and presentations in breakout group sessions.

Different facilitators handled different whole-group modules. Participants were encouraged to voice out and feed back at any time, and community games used to break the monotony. The atmosphere was kept light and fun but instructive. The Marine Parks were involved as presenters/facilitators to engender understanding and a closer relationship between the parties.

For participants who arrived late or who did not bring snorkelling gear, facilitators did one-on-one explanations and practical sessions with them.

Evaluation was done through a self-evaluation form on the four workshop objectives, a short written quiz, an in water practical test, and a general discussion at the end of the workshop. Feedback on the workshop was done through the self-evaluation form and discussion.

Post-mortem & follow-up

Originally, the workshop was to be spread out over 3 days, or over 2 weekends with a gap of a week or two in between. But we were told that participants will not come for a 3-day workshop because they have to work so we squeezed the programme into 2 very long and strenuous days which over taxed the five facilitators and the 22 participants.

A day after the workshop ended, one of the participants tried his new found skills on a group of snorkelling tourists. Just to show how appreciative they were, they gave him over RM100 of tips. He is inspired, and so are the rest of us.

As promised, we list down all who had attended the 2-day worksop together with their phone numbers. The top four guides were evaluated based upon their highest cumulative scores; of these four guides, two were selected to be snorkelling guides during the Pesta Pencinta Alam Tioman.

The participants are mostly boatmen, with five who specifically listed tour guiding as their occupation. One workshop is not enough to be competent to be a snorkelling guide. So if you contact any of the participants below and engage their snorkelling services, please post a constructive comment about the level of service offered. Your comments will serve as a guide for future improvement.

No.  Name of Participant Nickname Village Mobile No.
1 Aizulsharmin bin Sahruddi (1st place) Min Salang 013-7154109
2 Mohd Don B. Setafa (2nd place) Don Tekek 019-9225973
3 Ismail bin Setafa (3rd place tie) Mail Tekek 09-4191791
4 Rosli bin Mohammad Usop (3rd place tie) Lie Tekek 019-9225973
5 Abdul Razak bin Yusoff Razak Salang 09-4195043
6 Abdul-Hakim Norshin Bin Bidin Akim Salang 013-7082146
7 Ahmad Daud b. Setaffa Daud Tekek 09-4191791
8 Azizan Bin Haron Ijan Genting 013-9089172
9 Azman B. Bahrom Man Genting 019-7955338
10 Hairul Irwan B. Mohd Yunus Irwan Tekek 019-9788747
11 Johari B. Berahim Joe Tekek 09-4191953
12 Ma’On Bin Yahaya Wasabi Air Hantu 019-7041889
13 Md Zubir b. Mohd Nor Zubir Manggo 017-7989249
14 Megat Mohd Zakuan B. Zamani Megat Salang 019-7487232
15 Mohd Afindi Bin Che Mat Fendi Tekek 013-7809014
16 Mohd Afrizat Bin Ahmad Iwan Tekek 012-7016925
17 Mohd Faizal Azlin B. Mohd Apandi Faizal Tekek 016-7977553
18 Mohd Fawzy Raili Fawzy Tekek 013-7166714
19 Mohd Sarif B. Sikari Sarip Genting 019-7662645
20 Saripuzaman B. Adon Tobak Salang 013-9058610
21 Senaini bin Setapa Nee Tekek 013-9502093
22 Zabar B. Osman Zabar Tekek 013-9294834