Save the ocean’s sacred gardens

By Serina Rahman

Are you 18-25 years old? Do you have a penchant for the sun, surf and sea? Join these final year Taylor’s College students as they Save the Ocean’s Sacred Gardens.

What would be more thrilling to do in September than to get away from the city and head to Pulau Redang? Coral Alliance, a group of final year students of the USM Bachelors of Persuasive Communication (Hons) Program at Taylor’s College and the MNS Marine Group are organising a visit to Pulau Redang from the 15th to 17th September 2006, one the main activities in its ‘Save the Ocean’s Sacred Gardens’ Campaign.

The campaign is a coral reef conservation and awareness project aimed at tertiary students aged 18 to 25, to introduce them to the importance of coral reefs, the marine ecosystem, and the detrimental effects human activities have on the areas that make up the coral reef habitat.

The Redang trip will expose students to the current state of coral reefs and give them an insight into coral reef and turtle conservation. Members of the MNS Marine Group and other experts will be on hand to share their enthusiasm, passion and knowledge with the participants.

Students will learn how to snorkel in an environmentally-friendly manner, explore nearby reefs, visit a turtle sanctuary and attend talks and video screenings on various aspects of the marine ecosystem and its conservation.

Coral reefs are important treasures that provide food and shelter to marine organisms, prevent shoreline erosion and are a source of lucrative revenue to the tourism industry. However, there are still too many out there who are not aware that our coral reefs are under serious threat.

Students aged 18 to 25 are welcome to join this trip to Pulau Redang to get a first-hand peek at coral reef and marine conservation. For further information, feel free to contact Coral Alliance at 012-5356668 or visit their website.