Marine group on TRAXX radio

By Serina Rahman

It was pulled together at the last minute, but Lim Tien Chee (TC), as usual, carried it off with style and aplomb. On the morning of February 13th, 2006 TC, the Marine Group coordinator (with Serina as quiet back up) appeared live on air on TRAXX FM’s Info 912 (this channel was formally Radio 4).

Granted this opportunity to reach a wider audience on topics close to our hearts, TC talked about MNS – its history, achievements and milestones before launching into marine issues.  At the same time, he managed to advertise for Raptor Watch and plug the need for more people to sign up as MNS members.

Hosted by Jezza, a DJ well-used to exploring more serious content than the love life of 50 year old singers, conversation mulled around the benefits of being a member (there’s more to MNS than cheap trips!) and the need for more education and environmental awareness for people of all ages – from children to the general public to the big guns who make decisions at the top of state, federal and other agencies.

With Marine Group volunteers sitting in the studio, however, talk inevitably went back to our Marine Parks and the issues facing them at the moment.  TC emphasised that we are at “a point of inflexion – if we don’t do more today to conserve our natural heritage, there will be nothing left for our future generations”.  And while development is at times a necessary evil, it need not be detrimental to the environment.  “People need to understand the natural dynamics of an island before proposing any projects,” he said, “then the delicate balance of that island ecosystem will be able to survive.”

Serina emphasised the importance of individual action, “It’s like people power – the average person can use the power of their wallet to go back to places, resorts and businesses that make an effort to protect their environment.  That way there’s public control over how things are done, but first people need to be more aware and understand the reasons behind the rules and regulations that are imposed in a Marine Park.”

For us it was a very brief encounter with celebrity-types (there are many famous-looking faces wandering around the RTM compound!), but hopefully the conservation message got out to lots of normal people listening in to the radio.