Committee 2005/2006

Marine group AGM & BBQ
By Saras Kumar

The Marine Group’s “AGM” was held June 18, 2005. Outgoing Coordinator, Saras Suresh Kumar, listed the last year’s activities, which included training courses on snorkelling, reef checks, underwater photography, and awareness-raising events, e.g. the recent Island Fest on Pulau Tioman.

It is hoped that the Island Fest will continue, with more involvement from the island’s locals in future. Hopefully, such high-profile eco-and-tourist-friendly events will help MNS’s fight against unsustainable development projects, e.g. the Tioman marina and second airport.

An educational poster about underwater do’s and don’ts sponsored by PADI Project AWARE, has also been produced. Bright and colourful, with beautiful photos contributed by KL Kwang, it will be given to schools in the MNS Kelab Pencinta Alam programme as well as dive resorts and dive companies.

A budget surplus from the past year will go back into further conservation projects. The new “elected” committee members are:

Group Coordinator: T.C. Lim
Secretary: Serina Rahman
Treasurer: Joanna Lam
Webmanager: H.Y. Leong

Many thanks to Serina Rahman and Effendy Rahaman for hosting the event and BBQ, and the outgoing committee for doing a fantastic job.

We encourage dive schools and resort operators to obtain a copy of the poster. It is a useful aid in explaining the underwater do’s and don’ts. Contact Saras at to get one or several posters.