Marine group at Raptor Watch

Story by Serina Rahman
Photos by H.Y. Leong

Every year when the winds change and the season comes, people flock from far and wide to witness the migration of the raptors over Tanjong Tuan at Port Dickson. This year was no different. Malaysians, Singaporeans and foreigners from even further afield turned up bristling with their binoculars and telescopic camera equipment to catch that perfect look and shot of a raptor.


From L to R: TC, Anthony, Dr Kana and Saras having an impromptu discussion

And as always the Marine Group was there too (March 5-6, 2005). It might not seem to be a match – birds and fish – but the area is perfect for guided marine walks. Kana and Joanna led other MNS volunteers, members and students out along the beach – under the sweltering sun to see what lay beneath the inter-tidal range.


L to R: Angie and Joanna

The raptors didn’t make their appearance until late in the day – just as Saras was giving her lecture on marine life in the air-conditioned comfort of Tanjong Ilham Resort. A couple of rascals skipped out on poor Saras to catch the birds in flight but those who stayed faithful to the talk ‘til the end still had plenty of action to catch – there were hundreds of raptors and swallows to watch.

Our merchandise moved pretty quickly over the weekend too in spite of heated competition from the Bird Group. We raised quite a bit of money and spread some marine words of wisdom to those usually more inclined to birding. Many thanks to all the volunteers for their time, sweat and sunburn!