SKBD’s Save the Sharks campaign

By mnsmarine

mer_sharkpendantThe primary schoolchildren of Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Damansara think that sharks are so cool that they deserved to be saved from the soup pot! The 2005 campaign to conserve this marine species is a commendable school effort. Amongst some of the shark-themed activities were an exhibition, a collection of essays, merchandise, and in November, the performance “Making of Teeth”, at the KL Performing Arts Centre.

Fifteen students also designed colourful badges to raise funds for an educational shark colouring book for schools. The MNS Marine Group, Selangor Branch, volunteered to help sell a portion of the badges at RM2 each and pewter shark pendants at RM10 each. Since the merchandise have appeared on the Marine Group website, we’ve received overwhelming response from members of the public and MNS. Thank you for your support!

Shark Fact #1: Many shark species are threatened with extinction due to over-fishing.

Shark Fact #2: As of 2004, more than 250 shark species are listed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species (

Shark Fact #3: Demand for shark fin soup in Asia is the main contributing factor to the global decline in shark populations. Often, sharks are ‘finned’ and the rest of their bodies – often still alive – are dumped at sea.

Shark Fact #4: Sharks are amongst the slowest growing species in the whole animal kingdom. Most species do not mature for many years, can have a gestation period of up to 22 months and produce only a handful to a few hundred pups at a time.

Shark Fact #5: The world’s top marine scientists predict that the continued removal of sharks from their ecosystems will have dire consequences for other fish species that we humans rely on for food. Sharks, as the top predator of the sea, are crucial to maintaining the balance of all life on the planet.

Note: Shark facts are sourced from