Coral reef monitoring workshop

Story by Serina Effendy

Although at first we thought that it might not be economically feasible to hold this workshop (January 29-30, 2005), we were overwhelmed by the response and the lecture room and dorms were bursting at the seams! Half the participants were eager recruits from Raleigh International and the other half were interested MNS members keen to learn a little bit more to do their bit for the coral reefs.

The setting was great: Kuala Selangor Nature Park offered us the perfect retreat to do nothing but discuss coral reefs, their inhabitants and how we can keep an eye on them to report any deterioration in the health of the ecosystem or its waters. Presenting for the workshop was the ever-energetic Karenne Tun, Regional Coordinator of the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network. Her passion and enthusiasm for the corals rubbed off so much on the crowd that at the end of a long day of lectures, participants opted to stay and chat about what they could do for the marine environment over a trip to see the famed Kuala Selangor fireflies!

To top off the weekend of fruitful discussions, excellent food and entertaining local primate populations, there were also guided walks into the park to keep us busy. It was definitely a much better way to spend a weekend than heading into the nearest shopping mall!