Underwater photography talk

By Serina Rahman

It was 7.30 on a Wednesday night (November 24, 2004) and the MNS HQ Auditorium was jam-packed with would-be underwater photographers waiting for KL Kwang’s pearls of wisdom.

He began with a brief introduction to underwater photography and then went into detail on what to look for when buying an underwater camera. Optical zoom versus digital zoom, memory cards, shutter delay – it was techie-heaven and the audience gladly gulped up his tips. Along the way, Kwang modeled his own camera equipment and gave us his personal hints on where to buy it all (be very careful on e-bay!). He even demonstrated photo-saving techniques on PhotoShop.

Of course there were environmental messages as well – to never move, hurt or obstruct marine life in the quest for that perfect photograph; and one less fish eaten is one more fish to photograph. To top off an enjoyable evening, Kwang showed us some of his unsorted photos. At the same time, he also included a crash course in fish identification.

Not only did I learn a lot about underwater camera technology, I came away with the reassuring knowledge that even for experts like Kwang, for every award-winning photograph that’s taken, there are a couple of imperfect ones as well, and I should never give up trying!