Committee 2004/2005

Marine AGM
Story by mnsmarine

We had our Marine Group AGM and pot-luck BBQ dinner (May 29, 2004) at Joanna’s condominium poolside (thank you for providing a venue and for organising this great get-together) and after accepting last year’s minutes and running through the past year’s conservational and educational programmes, we brainstormed over which marine animal would be the group’s new mascot, and which banner tagline would summarise what the group is all about. This was important as we felt it would give more direction to the Marine Group.

We decided on the dugong (Dugong dugon) from the scientific order Sirenia because of its “vulnerable to extinction” status by the World Conservation Union. This status reminds us why we should make an effort to safeguard species like the dugong through education and habitat conservation.

“Protect our seas – our life, our future” is the tagline which will appear on the MNS Marine Group banner at all our events.

We also talked about making T-shirts to further boost the group’s funds so that we can carry out more educational programmes. And yes, we also elected a new committee. There are three group co-coordinators: Saras Suresh Kumar, Susila Kulasingam, and T.C. Lim; Marc Dickinson (treasurer); Joanna Lam (secretary); H.Y. Leong (web manager); and three committee members: Kana Kulasingam, Kerry Stansfield, and K.L. Kwang.

While the meeting was going on, some kind-hearted souls were already preparing the BBQ (spouses and soon-to-be spouse of the members). Thanks to everyone for donating foodstuff and drinks. Suffice to say there was too much food and we walked out a few pounds heavier! We also managed to surprise Saras Kumar, our outgoing (and incoming) coordinator with a birthday cake, and we all made plans to raise the level of marine conservation a notch higher in 2004/2005.