Caring about marine life

By Herman bin Yusrinal

lhy_salihermanHi, my name is Herman bin Yusrinal. I am 11 years old. This is my first snorkeling trip (Aug 1-3, 2003). It was very interesting. I saw lots of fish, for example an archerfish, clownfish (Nemo), surgeon fish, a shark, a goby and so on. I saw lots of corals like table coral, gorgonian sea fan, soft coral and others. My buddy was my mother named Elisabeth Rickens. There were other nice people, too, like Sali, Ryan, Roy, Spencer and others. The TCs (trip co-ordinators) were very nice people and never raised their voice to us. The trip was fantastically planned.


Program facilitators, from left: KL Kwang, WL Wong, HY Leong, Siew Lyn Wong

On the first day, we arrived at the jetty in the morning and went to our resort, which was called Persona Resort. The next minute, we were sorted in which room we should stay. I shared mine with Elisabeth. The food tasted excellent. We memorized all the hand signals which the TCs showed us. Siew Lyn was my instructor. We learned how to uncramp our legs, empty our snorkel and mask if it was filled with water. The techniques did work, all the time. On the second day, we went snorkeling at Coral Island (Pulau Tulai). The boat ride was bumpy. In the water, I saw an anemone, a sea cucumber and others.


Underwater treasure tulip

We had an underwater treasure hunt and sandcastle building competition in the afternoon. There were four teams. The first team was called Sharx, the second was Nemo, third Dolphins and Bruce. My team won the first prize. In the evening we had a barbeque which tasted good. The food tasted better than yesterday. On the last day, we went snorkelling in Renggis Island (Pulau Renggis). After lunch Julian (a guest speaker) was telling us about the airport that is going to be built by the government. It would be a pity if the corals got destroyed by this project. It is not a good idea. I think they should enlarge the other airport.

elisrickens_tiomangroupI saw more fish than ever, more than at the market. Not only more interesting fish, but more interesting corals, too. I finally cared more about marine life and the sea. At first I thought fish are fish, nothing special. I was wrong, there are lots of special things about fish, like a pufferfish can puff itself up. Now I present you a group photo.

Note: Introduction to Marine-friendly Snorkelling Trip to Pulau Tioman was organised by the Marine Group, Selangor Branch.