Underwater Sabah – Now and the future

By Saras Kumar

On 24th September, 2002 MNS and MSDA (Malaysian Sports Divers Association) co-organised a presentation by Simon Christopher of Scubazoo Images Sdn Bhd, a Sabah based underwater production and photographic company “Underwater Sabah – Now and the Future”. The presentation lived up to it’s expectations showcasing fantastic images of manta rays, lionfish, dolphins, turtles, corals, a school of about 200 hammerhead sharks; all the marine life divers hope to see and all of it shot around Sabah. The presentation also included the video production “That’s Life” – winner of one of the acclaimed Palme awards at the Antibes International Film Festival in 2000.

But not all of the presentation was so beautiful; Simon also wanted to show us the devastating affect humans are having on this fragile ecosystem; corals, maybe thousands of years old killed by fish bombing for the restaurant trade and the wasteful practice of shark finning for shark fin soup that has depleted the seas of their top predator creating a knock down effect on the food chain and threatening other commercial fisheries. The question session at the end focused on threats to the marine environment and Simon impressed upon everyone the need to make changes in our own lives to prevent the loss of these wonderful creatures.