Successful recce to Pulau Tinggi

By Saras Kumar

We had a successful recce trip to Pulau Tinggi (June 28-30, 2002) and we had a pleasant surprise. The island is very peaceful and although the water clarity is not as good as other east coast islands there is still a variety of marine life to be seen.

What’s better is that there is a coral reef right in front of the chalets which is partially exposed during low tide so even those of you who don’t swim will get a chance to see live coral, sea cucumbers, crabs, reef fishes, prawns, marine snails and sea grass just by getting your feet wet.

There is also reasonable snorkeling near the chalets and good snorkeling on nearby islands that we will visit. There is also a turtle sanctuary and marine parks office in the next bay around from our chalet.

The turtles that nest around Pulau Tinggi are mostly Hawksbill turtles and the night before we arrived, more than 1,000 eggs were collected from nine nests, so there may be a chance that the babies will hatch during the Marine Group trip in September. There is also a mangrove within walking distance from the chalets and fire flies nearby too.

Join the “Making Waves” Marine Group trip to Pulau Tinggi from 13 – 15th September, 2002 . Contact Saras Kumar at 012-3520495 or e-mail