Protecting our marine parks

Some words of advice from the Marine Parks of Malaysia…

  1. Dive carefully with proper buoyancy control in the fragile marine environment.
  2. Understand and respect underwater life forms; do not collect corals and shells for souvenirs, consider photography instead.
  3. Obey all the Marine Parks regulations.
  4. Consider your impact on aquatic life through your interactions; do not litter and feed fishes with unsuitable food or provoke them.
  5. Anchor your vessels only to the mooring buoys in our marine parks; do not anchor your vessels on the reefs.
  6. Obtain diving orientation from a qualified local diving operator prior to diving.
  7. Report on any environmental disturbances or destruction observed during your dive to the nearest marine park centre.
  8. If you are snorkelling, make use of the rest floats provided by the marine park authorities. They are provided for tired snorkellers to prevent them from stepping on the corals.
  9. Support marine park activities to help conserve our beautiful marine heritage.