Prohibited activities in marine parks

The role of Malaysia’s Marine Park Authority is to protect the marine resources and the fragile marine ecosystem so that the public can enjoy it in perpetuity. One of the important aspects in managing Marine Parks is the management of activities by park visitors.

Activities which do not harm or destroy marine resources such as snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming and underwater photography are permitted and encouraged. Picnics and jungle trekking on the islands are also welcomed.

Activities that may cause a negative impact to the marine resources are controlled in order to protect the marine resources at the Marine Park.

The following activities are prohibited:

  1. Support marine park activities to help conserve our beautiful marine heritage.
  2. Collecting, removing, destroying or having in possession of any marine resources such as shells, mollusc, corals and fishes whether dead or alive.
  3. Possessing and using of spear guns, spear fishing equipment and harpoons.
  4. Using fish traps (bubu), poisons, explosive and electricity or any other methods of catching fish.
  5. Anchoring of boats directly onto the reef. (Please make use of the mooring buoys found within the marine park to moor the boats)
  6. Littering and disposal of waste/rubbish
  7. Removing and/or destroying any structure such as buoys, notice boards etc.
  8. Constructing or erecting any building or other structures within the Marine Park area, without authorisation.