Promoting the appreciation of Malaysia's marine heritage


Please make yourself at home.

Like you, we are interested in Malaysia’s marine heritage.

We want to foster a community of divers, snorkellers, and/or non-swimmers who wish to enjoy and protect our seas and marine life. We are also members of the Malaysian Nature Society Selangor Branch. As there’s still so much to learn about our marine eco-system, come and join us in our quest for knowledge. Our Facebook is open to everyone for discussion 24/7.

Get a feel of who we are, what we do and when you’re ready to get your feet wet, you can join our programmes and campaigns. It’s either free or with a fee. Extra if you are a non-member.

Occasionally, we make merchandise for general marine awareness or to fundraise for our programmes and campaigns. If you just want to help out, please get in touch with the person who is facilitating or sign up to volunteer at a future event. See you soon.